Holy Topeka! Holy Nitromethane! Holy Enders! BLACK iGUANA!

This press leak just in about soon-to-be BLOCKBUSTER FAVORITES … Erica Enders & BLACK iGUANA to debut in Topeka.

Narrator: Erica Enders and BLACK iGUANA are bringing a revolutionary Pro Stock winning combo to MotorSports City.


The Setup: On a sizzling hot, engine-roaring afternoon … and nerve-defying motor ride — racing extraordinaire Erica Enders and her bold and stealth BLACK iGUANA-backed Camero have been summoned to Heartland Park Topeka in MotorSports City by an urgent but anonymous call for electrifying live-action stock race excitement.

powConfrontation: Motorsports fans have been reported in grave danger and under the dark influence of the treacherous Fun-o-meter Deflator!

Resolution: Never ones to shirk or dodge the thrill and rush of a challenge or call of duty to their steadfast fans, Erica Enders and BLACK iGUANA — with characteristic turbo-speed and bravado — descend onto the NHRA Kansas race track.

And then — as their fans have come to expect — as Erica Enders and BLACK iGUANA, rousing defenders of adrenaline-infused motorsports excitement, they are off once again to the WIN!

Teaser: Stay tuned for more Erica Enders & BLACK iGUANA!


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