Darn Good Idea

Tomball, Texas. Hot summer evening in 2006. Backyard party. Lots of people. Monster rental margarita machine. Two Houston brothers—engineering minds with a weird-science bend on cocktail mixology. 

At the party, the margaritas were flying off the kitchen counter like planes on a DFW runway. One of the brothers and chief margarita machine engineer, Paul Castor, was struggling to keep up with the demand for his signature margaritas. The other brother and margarita connoisseur, Earl Castor, observed the dilemma from afar as he mingled with everyone at the party. Yes, that’s what visionary minds do—they observe, mingle, and think. 

As the party revelry came to an end, there was—for some inexplicable reason—a notable amount of the margarita mix left in the machine. And in Texas—all together now—“you never, ever, ever throw away good liquor.” 

So it was at this crucial decision moment that a spark of genius ignited—why not store pre-mixed margaritas in freezable re-closable pouches? The convenience of having a stash of margarita pouches ready-to-drink was a glorious epiphany. Cue in the trumpets! 

Thus, the brothers’ Darn Good Idea (DGI) became BLACK iGUANA Frozen Ritas!

Award for Darn Good Idea


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