It Ain’t Rocket Science

Geniuses None-the-Less 

While we readily acknowledge that it’s not nearly as complicated as rocket science, we do think it takes some very special talent to produce BLACK iGUANA Frozen Ritas.

For a peek into how genius minds work, CLICK HERE 

 Air Cannon Design   Air Cannon     Air Cannon   Air Cannon 
Geniuses in our own right.
Here are our very, very special BLACK iGUANA team members.


Black Iguana TeamPaul Castor, co-founder and Darn Good Idea maker. It all started with Paul – with his quest to crank up the fun at home parties and at the same time free himself from the chains of the infamous margarita blender. Paul is our production genius, overseeing all production, supply and fulfillment processes.  As an official Black Iguana representative, Paul also plays the very important role of Goodwill Ambassador of Fun … dispensing free Black Iguana samples. Everyone in his neighborhood loves Paul.

Black Iguana TeamEarl Castor, also co-founder and Darn Good Idea facilitator. Earl has the vision – it’s all about making the world a better place. AS CEO, Earl is our business strategist genius and fearless leader, directing all important matters of product market positioning. Currently, he is obsessed with Global Positioning System navigation gadgets – it’s that vision thing.

Black Iguana TeamChris Kirksey, formula master-mind. Chris is as near a genius as you can get! We need to get him on some TV game show. Chris is our flavor formula genius that makes our Frozen Ritas taste out of this world. He is an avid skier, has been a bartender, has an IT background – so of course he’s got the mojo to create the perfect taste formula for our Black Iguana Frozen Ritas! 

Black Iguana TeamCurtis Fox, show-me-the-money closer. Curtis is our sales genius. He knows no strangers! He is Dynamic, Charismatic, Energetic, LOVES PEOPLE!!! He is our powerhouse sales slugger – who by the way, played some mean baseball at the college level. Curtis is a master of taste samplings/demos, promo spots, and community-based public relations. Curtis is the quintessential all-around popular guy who LOVES PEOPLE!!!

William Tschina, events and promos wiz. Always at the center of any BLACK iGUANA event, Will makes sure everything’s set up for our fans. He’s our very own “On The Road Again” icon–always ready to dispense BLACK iGUANA party fun and mingle with our fans. Wanna iGUANA? Will’s your guy–he’s got you covered!

Black Iguana TeamMarcus Latham, product design and packaging dude.  Also super surf dude with somewhat of a dual personality – the hammer and the artist. Marcus skillfully negotiates and mercilessly drives hard deals with any and all vendors, but especially product packaging vendors; thus, the hammer. He is also our creative genius behind our product marketing collateral; thus, the artist. And by the way, he also has an unmatched skill for building parade-quality pirate ship floats!

Black Iguana TeamGloria Hernandez, Social Media connection. Her mantra is Friends, Fans, Followers—send me your ‘Likes’ and photos! Her genius is in capturing and photo editing those memorable BLACK iGUANA moments. She can make a sunset in West Texas look iGUANAmously spectacular!

Black Iguana TeamSolomon Olatoye, business operations go-to guy. Solomon is all about getting things done. His personal mantra is “We can do it!” Most importantly, Solomon is truly a genius; he has a PhD in engineering. Without Solomon, Keystone Cops chaos would quickly set in. Solomon is also quite a powerhouse in a racketball court. (Got game?)

Black Iguana TeamJohn Mitchell, fine-print legal eagle. John’s world is not for everyone. Lawyering is a very special calling. Our legal & regulations genius handles all the icky, sticky, eyes-glazed-over legal matters and compliance with mind boggling government regulations. Off work, he is a nature-loving guy who loves to go out-door camping; he also plays tennis, so he is quite normal and fun to hang around with.

Black Iguana TeamLeila Doucet, finance wizard. In Leila’s perfect yellow-brick world, it’s sheer ecstasy beyond imagination when the numbers all add up correctly. Our finance wizard reigns over inventory, receivables, payables, statements – and occasionally over lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Outside of this Land of BLACK iGUANA, Leila has established for herself an enviable reputation as the Queen of Gumbo – her awesome gumbo is to die for.


One response to “It Ain’t Rocket Science

  1. Joshua Freeman

    To Whom This May Concern:

    My name is Joshua Freeman. I am a 26 year old racing driver from San Antonio, Texas. I was wondering if Black Iguana would like to join my potential racing efforts in the American LeMans Series. The series races in key markets in the US and Canada. Attendance ranges from 80,000-275,000 fans. The 24 Hours of LeMans in France, if invited our team could race in one of the largest sporting events in the world. Over 300,00 fans in attendance and over 100 million watching worldwide. I am working with a few teams trying to find the right deal and right ride. If this is something Black Iguana would like to do then i would like to hear back. Thank you for your time.


    Joshua Freeman

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