Our Philosophy

Think Out of the Blender

BLACK iGUANA is all about fun and convenience! Whenever and wherever the party mood strikes. FREEZE. SQUEEZE. ENJOY! 

It’s a new world! BLACK iGUANA is the new margarita. BLACK iGUANA is hip. BLACK iGUANA is cool. And it comes in a black pouch that you can clip to a neck lanyard—BLACK iGUANA goes where you go! Can you say all that about those restaurant/bar margaritas? No? We didn’t think so.  

Each BLACK iGUANA flavor (Classic Lime, Tahiti Strawberry, Cuban Mango, Savannah Peach) is a tantalizing burst of tropical nirvana for your taste buds. 

BLACK iGUANA’s perfect blend of ingredients (alcohol and flavor concentrate) allows the product to be frozen to a perfect consistency equal to restaurant-style frozen margaritas. The wine-based formula creates a clean refreshing cocktail. This makes you the perfect bartender–everytime!

BLACK iGUANA’s trifecta winning strategy is 1) ready-to-drink convenience 2) great taste and 3) grocery store availability. For store locations nearest you, CLICK HERE.

Throw Away The Blender

Perfectly blended in freezable plastic pouches (with re-closable spouts), BLACK iGUANA is portable and ready-to-drink (no alcohol or mixing required). Save yourself the cost and hassle of buying alcohol, flavorings, beverage glasses, ice. So throw away your margarita blender!

Unlike glass or can drink containers, BLACK iGUANA pouches meet all new “container laws” at beaches, lakes, rivers, and pools. How cool is that? It’s a new world!


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